1+1 Philosophy

We believe that each and every child has the right to an environment in which they will be treated equally and with respect, regardless of race, language, nationality, ability or gender.

We believe that every child is unique and looks at the world differently.

We believe that the children we teach today will one day make the future a better place.

We aim to recognise the importance in the early years of a child's life. We believe that these years are the foundations of a lifetime of learning.

We endeavour to create an environment in which the children will find comfort and security every day that they are in our care.

We aim to provide an environment that is relaxed, warm and nurturing; ensuring each child and family feels a sense of belonging to our centre.

We recognise that all children have individual strengths, capabilities, learning styles and interests. We strive to build on these areas by creating and developing environments and experiences where children are able to express and expand on their knowledge.

We pride ourselves on the care that we provide for the children; as we comfort, support and praise children on their needs and achievements every day.

We provide an environment which guides and encourages kindness, courtesy and independence amongst the children. Our educational approach is one which is play based. We believe that childhood should be filled with happiness, fun and laughter. Through this we aim to recognise the natural method of learning that is fundamental to all areas of a child's development.

Through our Reggio Emilia approach to learning; the children are given limitless opportunities to express themselves, explore their environments as well as have access to an endless amount of resources that enables them to continuously grow and learn.

As a service we will be respectful to our environment by implementing and education our families and children on sustainable practices to ensure that we obtain a greater future for our children.

By creating a supportive and inspirational environment the children will be provided with opportunities to imitate and contribute to play and learning experiences based on their own ideas. In this all of our educators have a passion for working in the Early Childhood Sector; we draw upon each educator's education, training and life experiences to continuously improve within the National Quality Framework.