1+1 Program

Through our environment, curriculum and experiences here at One Plus One we continuously aim to provide the children with opportunities to initiate and join in to play and learning. Play at One Plus One is classified as one of the most beneficial things that can help a child’s development. Through play the children use their cognitive, social, imaginative and language skills as they initiate, interact and engage themselves with experiences that are planned and put out for the children every day according to the children’s interests and ideas.

Almost everything that we do at One Plus One is done through intentional teaching. We provide children with time and space as they focus on their interests as well as the experiences that they would like to do. All of our programs, curriculum and experiences revolve around how children engage and initiate in certain experiences. Our child-led, child initiated and educator supported curriculum ensures that every child’s goals and interests are worked on every single day through the experiences that we show and engage with the children.

Through our flexible and responsive curriculum, it can be seen that the children are able to be adapted to children’s everyday lives. Our program, curriculum and experiences are all reflected from the children’s expanding ideas and imagination as they express and initiate their ideas with our educators. Through our educators the children will be developing and learning new information and skills every day that they are at One Plus One.

One Plus One follows and uses the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) as a guide to create our programs, curriculum and experiences. The EYLF has various recurring references to learning through play and puts emphasis of communication, language (inclusive of early literacy and numeracy), social development as well as the children’s physical development and coordination.

The Five Early Years Learning Outcomes:

i. Children have a strong sense of Identity

ii. Children are connected with and contribute to or world

iii. Child have a strong sense of wellbeing

iv. Children are confident and involved learners

v. Children are effective communicators

These outcomes are used and referred to in observations, daily reflections, Mid-year and End of year summaries.

All childcare centres are required by law to participate and go through the Federal Quality Assurance System, this is to ensure that the centre is able to receive the Childcare Benefit funding for families which involves diligent and careful checks as well as a very high standard of educational curriculum delivery. We endeavour to not only meet these standards, but to exceed them.

One Plus One aims to have your child as ready as possible to go in to primary school. Our 3-5 years all participate in a 30 minute school readiness program. During this time the children participate in a variety of experiences that include:

  • A curriculum that includes early numeracy, early literacy in all of our experiences
  • Encourage and support children when they are expressing ideas, emotions or their own needs
  • Encouraging and supporting children with their own self-help skills; these include:
    • Putting on their own shoes
    • Serving their own breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. This encourages the children to think about how much they have to eat as well as when to know when they are full or have had too much.
    • Being able to clean, set up and pack away both by themselves and with our educators.
  • Learning about the weather, date, year, season and month
  • Providing reading and writing materials that are able to increase letter, shape and number recognition. This is done by:
    • Tracing sheets with the children’s names
    • Sight words that children are able to recognise and respond to
    • Phonetics song
    • Number tracing
    • Shape cutting and tracing
  • Providing a curriculum which encourages and supports the children’s developing skills and emotions such as independence, curiosity, conflict resolution, problem solving, creativity, self-expression, empathy and turn taking
  • Visits to the local school
  • Reading stories about school and creating a positive outlook on how school is going to be

All through our centre we start preparing children for their life ahead and school, from our babies’ room we start to teach the children independence and self-expression as they are involved in a variety of experiences that enables them to grow and develop as they move up the rooms.

Each child who is here at One Plus One has an electronic portfolio through KinderLoop. This portfolio will record your child’s development, interests and experiences that are done throughout the year. The portfolio is a combination of pictures and written observations of your child. Parents are able to view and access this portfolio at any time through the KinderLoop Plus app that is a free download through Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store. Parents are also able to contribute to this by posting what they have been up to on the weekend or any holidays or interests that the children may have. This ensures that there is family input in to our program, curriculum and interests for the children. This will allow educators to:

  • Make connections between the children’s world and early childhood setting; in order to create a child’s sense of belonging
  • Plan activities according to children’s current interests and developmental levels which will contribute to genuine play experiences
  • Establish common goals and objectives for each child in partnership with families
  • Assist the Educators in understanding each child’s unique learning styles
  • Enhance the children’s self-esteem and self-concept as they see their own progress and reflect on their own experiences

The portfolio will be moved from room to room on KinderLoop once the child has moved up, this ensures that you are kept up to date with the children’s interests, curriculum and development.